Broadcast Schedule

14th – 16th June 2024


7pm – 9pm

Ste kicks off our weekend’s broadcast to bring you more guitar and dance music from the 60s to 2000s with a slant on Madchester, Britpop, 80s Indie, Hacienda classics and everything in between. Features include ‘Undercover’, ‘the ‘2 from 1’ slot, ‘Northern Lights goes POP!’ and tracks from his Album of the Week.

9pm – 10pm
THE 80s CHAIN REACTION — with Derek B

The show where Derek attempts to link enough songs to fill the hour starting and ending with his featured artist, thus creating a chain….
This week, it’s the turn of Billy Idol to grace the turntable. Learn what connects the one-time Generation X front man to a raunchy dance troupe, a cheap drinks gimmick, a felon who never hurt nobody, and the film that was officially declared the worst of 1980….all that and a swipe at Bogart’s face!

10pm – Midnight
FULL METAL RACKET — with Ryan Sharrock

Ryan returns with another late-night Full Metal Racket for those listeners who prefer noise, and lots of it, and he’s paying homage to his home away from home, Download Festival, which takes place this weekend! With an alternative playlist on point including tracks from headliners Queens of the Stone Age, Fall Out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold, you’ll be excused for plugging that amp in, cranking it up to 11, getting yourself in the pit and moshing out! If it’s too loud for ya, wear some earplugs people! Metal horns up!!


8am – 11am
THE BREAKFAST BUFFET — with Bevan Thompson & Madison McKay
It’s been a week of live music for the breakfast buddies. Madi is back from the mud and raving at “Parklife” where she saw a horse showered live, and Bev has been giddy as it’s been “Weezer Week” and he also went along to Brit Pop classical, so expect lots of live music chat and the usual 3 hours of fun, featuring The One and Only verdict from the VAR room King, Under The Covers, Shatner Sings, Frog Facts, The Silly Sausage, Thought for the Day “Weekly Weezer”, “Madi’s Morning Mover” and a sideways look at the world’s news. 

11am – 1pm
DESI DHAMAKA — with Kiran Khan
Kiran brings her unique mix of Bollywood and Bhangra music to Radio M29 as well as plenty of gap shap every week.

1pm – 3pm
THE SHAR-ROCK & ROLL SHOW — with Lee & Ryan Sharrock

Rock and Roll is on the agenda every Saturday at this time as the Sharrock brothers are in town with all aspects of guitar-based music. This week, expect tunes from U2, Jimmy Eat World, Pulp, The Edgar Winter Group and Fleetwood Mac. A 25-year-old album from Travis is discussed in the Retro Record Rewind and R.E.M feature in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame segment. Rock on M29ers!

3pm – 5pm
The news, views, events and music from a particular year…
This week’s featured year is 1971, described by David Hepworth as the greatest year in music history! Tune in to discover what that has to do with a bunch of skinheads who won’t laugh at you, the age difference between Roderick and Margaret, what type of pastry killed Ernie and who replaced the blonde haired ruby lipped temptress as our hero’s favourite female singer.

5pm – 6pm
‘ARRY’S ANTHEMS — with ‘Arry No H
‘Arry kicks off our Saturday night groove with an hour of his anthems featuring the likes of Chris Lake, Stardust, Stan Smith and Flume before making way for DJ Kieran Jay…

6pm – 8pm
The best electronic dance music with a wide variety of underground club tracks including brand new releases every week! Originals, remixes and Mashups. From commercial Old School House, to Bassline Garage and Drum ’n’ Bass.


10am – 12 noon
THE HAPPY-E BREAKFAST SHOW — with The Big E, Little T & Derek B

Fancy some bangers for breakfast? Allow the Big E and his daughter Little T to wake you up properly this Father’s Day with appropriately themed tunes from Feargal Sharkey, Madness and Cat Stevens. Like any good Dad, Big E will be letting Little T choose some tracks, although for every Miley Cyrus there’s another tune that shows the apple don’t fall far from the tree and Derek B is also on hand to bring you the news reports and M29 Matters.

12 noon – 2pm
50 SHADES OF BLUE — with Steven Knowles

After a lengthy period of absence, it’s the welcome return of our very own Bluesman! Steven’s had time on his hands to listen to some of the best Blues music on the scene today and he’ll be sharing what he’s been checking out with you all. He’ll have classic artists, new releases and also some exciting news about his future shows.

2pm – 4pm
Big E is a busy Dad this Father’s Day, back for a second stint and offering street sounds such as the Album of the week from North East Ska stars The Skapones. He also pays tribute to Gaps Hendrickson of The Selecter who has sadly just died and throws in some Mod and some rockers and Father’s Day themed tracks from Ian Dury, The Hollies and Kilburn and the High Roads.

4pm – 5pm
THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE 60s – with Derek B
A show with a bit of waffle and a lot of great Sixties music.
Let’s hear it for William Ashton, Richard Wycherley, Mary O’Brien and Katherine O’Rourke as we present songs by people who changed their names to achieve stardom. Discover what question Terence Needham was asking, which member of a trio of brothers changed his name after singing about chocolate, and which two singers had more name changes than people who had less name changes than they did!

5pm – 6.30pm
ON THIS VERY DAY IN THE 70s: The UK chart of the 16th June 1979 — with Tony King
It’s a bumper 90 minute edition this week because the chart contained so many great tracks that Tony couldn’t fit them all into one hour, with top tunes from the likes of The Undertones, David Bowie, Blondie, Squeeze and a Disco one-hit wonder at No. 1.  Ding Dong!

6.30pm – 8.35pm
CURVEBALL — with Joe Graham

Brand new alternative sounds, 3 tracks by artists appearing at next month’s Right To Roam Festival in Bolton, a Father’s Day reggae hit, a little slice of folk, psychedelic funk, hardcore punk, filthy blues, local indie hopefuls, noisy yanks and oddballs galore!

8.35pm – 9.35pm

Our monthly programme focusing on the great voluntary work carried out by  community groups across Greater Manchester.