Voiceover Guy


Little is genuinely known, or even very well understood, about Voiceover Guy. He’s quite probably British, aged somewhere between 62 and 746, apparently well educated, well travelled, and claims to spend most of his time in his bathchair in Bognor. 

He’s apparently very happily married to his beloved wife, Tuppence, and will occasionally refer to children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It is understood that he has at least one surviving sibling – a brother named Sebastian, with whom he has a curious rivalry. However, the reality is that whether or not any of this is actually true is impossible to verify, since there are no records to be found anywhere on Mr VG, and very few people have even seen his face. 

Some claim he’s a remnant from the Cold War, others that his name is actually Fred Cabbage – a retired Hedgehog Groomer from Staines.