Ian Tomlinson

Roving Reporter

Mancunian Motor Mechanic Ian Tomlinson was invited by a work colleague – John Koppens – to “come for a drink in Tyldesley” in 1979. He loved it so much he never went back home.

His musical taste is pretty much stuck in the eighties with Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins and the like.

He much prefers ambushing people as Radio M29s Roving Reporter. Ian said “Its all unscripted and unplanned, I haven’t got a clue. If I don’t know what I am talking about I just make it up. I have to do that anyway if my target interviewee clams up or runs away mid interview, it’s not happened on many occasions… honest! I just get a buzz off being live on air, adrenaline junkie I am!”