Andy 'The Cupcake King'


Andy was brought up near central Manchester, and has lived in the M29 area since 2008. Married to Rachel, who grew up in Astley, he feels that Tyldesley is more a home town than Manchester ever was.

Andy has an eclectic musical taste, with a penchant for Tupac, BB King, The Rolling Stones & The Beach Boys, to name but a few. He is also known as ‘The Cupcake King’, a title bestowed upon him by Bevan Thompson on account of Andy’s passion for these mini delights, as well as running a small cupcake baking business!

He is a keen runner, thinking nothing of going for a half marathon, just for the fun of it.

Andy’s show has tunes across the decades, from the 50’s, right up to present day. No matter what your taste, you’ll like it better than Marmite!